Podcast Ep. 18



The Not Boring Business in a Box (or the Not Boring MVP) is not a scam.

The product is not watered-down, bad code, a ripoff or fake. It’s not meant to lure wantrepreneurs. It’s meant to help them get their ideas off the ground at little to no downside.

It’s not a watered-down product.

I’ve been through the process. It’s rough: hundreds of 16 hour days followed by restless sleep. Calls with the developer in the middle of the night to fix the bugs. Redesigning the layout in Sketch to have better flow. I’ve done it all. Now, I’m sharing it all with you.

I poured my blood, sweat and tears into this product and now I want you to grow your brand with it. I busted my ass so you can prosper. Take the deal.

It’s not bad code.

I designed and built this app for myself over the course of about 2 years. It cost me tens of thousands of dollars and over a thousand hours of my time – designing and projecting managing.

The AirFive app pivoted many times, so there are tons of features that became deprecated. Instead of letting them sit in the graveyard of apps, I decided to help other entrepreneurs by selling them my tech.

It’s not a ripoff.

Web and app development firms are often a ripoff. They charge you tens of thousands of dollars for something they’ve built many times and they’ll charge you the same (or more, if they realize you have money to burn) than they charged the last person despite being able to build it much faster.

You can’t make money with a “clickable prototype.” You can use that as designs for your app though. Then you can launch with our code and hire a developer hourly to implement the changes.

With the Business in a Box, you save tens of thousands of dollars and months of your life.

It’s not a scam.

You get access to the code when you pay. You get an app for less than $5000. Plus a course on entrepreneurship and using the app! There are many people who offer a course for a couple grand with no product. With the Business in a Box, you get an actual product that you can launch as your own business!

Wouldn’t the scam be the development firm that charges a new entrepreneur $100,000+ for a basic code base that would only qualify as a minimum viable product? Wouldn’t that be scamming wantrepreneurs out of their bootstrapped business – dooming them to fail or, more likely, never even get to launch their idea?

It’s not fake.

The business in a box is real.

Look at the sites: airfive.com and techbusinessinabox.com. Download the apps AirFive and Jammer. These are real world examples of our tech. That is the exact same tech you get.

You can launch with this, even if it’s just V1 of your app. It’s a better MVP than a clickable prototype… which is kind of fake if you think about it.

Why would you think this is a scam?

Do you think the guy in the video is a paid actor? He’s a really bad actor. He’s really the founder of Jammer.

Do you think the chat is fake? Talk with me!

Do you think it’s too good to be true? Why? Because you’ve been conditioned to think it costs $60,000 for basic apps? Let me change your mind.

Don’t shit on my product without giving it, and me, a shot.


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