Not Boring MVP

Apps for Entrepreneurs

We build apps for the business you want to start, or the business you already have. Just tell us your problem.

It’s this simple.

Pick Your Plan

We have two plans. One where you guide yourself and become a true tech entrepreneur and the other where we do it for you. You sign up and walk away with a website and/or app.

Tell Us Your Problem

Just tell us what you “keeps you up at night,” so to speak. Pick 3 core features (there are over 100). Simple.

We build the solution

We will then build your solution in the form of a mobile application or web app, geared for customers or employees, or both.

What we can do

(Don't read it, just watch it)

  • Other Third-Party APIs

The Business in a Box is cost effective

Companies will charge you tens of thousands of dollars to get to your version 1. Cofounders may want equity in your company and even charge you for their “help” The Business in a Box is only $7,500 for the whole enchilada*

What you would spend elsewhere:

$10K on a website

$50K on a app

What you would spend with us:

We Do It For You Plan $7,500

This is for the entrepreneur or SMB who is too busy but wants to stay innovative

We build your app for you

We take care of design

We take care of development

Learn more…

DIY Plan $2,500

This is for the person who wants to learn how to become a tech entrepreneur

Android, iOS app, website code

Live chat support

9 Unit course to help you

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You don’t need to raise a bunch of money or spend more than you need to

You don’t need to find a technical cofounder or partner

You don’t need to spend years of your life to start your idea

The Course

Unit 1

How to set up your website and project manage

Unit 2

How to develop your customer and create your launching pad

Unit 3

How to build your brand and story driven mindset

Unit 4

How to create UI/UX designs (for cheap) and hand off designs to a developer

Unit 5

How to find a freelancer, how to automate and outsource what you canʼt do

Unit 6

How to drive traffic to your site, app and message (aka marketing)

Unit 7

How to fill the top of your sales funnel

Unit 8

How to use the best tools when building and hiring freelancers and staff

Unit 9

How to handle the legalities, accounting and the boring BUT essential stuff

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