A community built on ideas. From starting a podcast to starting a company, you need to focus on the START. And we’re here for you. IdeaKit is the ultimate sounding board for your ideas. From start to follow-through.

About the Program

We will help you develop your website, app, podcast, film, whatever project you can come up with.

We will act as your launchpad. Gifting your idea the platform it needs to thrive.

Maintain everything as you grow. We will continue to lend continuous support and mentorship during your execution phase and beyond.

A mentor on-demand

I've built companies

I started my first company years ago to little fan-fair. I was able to pivot (a fancy word for change) about a dozen times and stay alive – from idea to idea. I monetized 12 different ways and made thousands of dollars at each stage.

I've built a podcast

I created a podcast and a YouTube channel and built it to thousands of downloads. This isn’t easy. From finding an angle to finding your next guest.

I've helped launch dozens of other companies

Through our Business in a Box product I have personally helped dozens of businesses get started and launch. Hoping to be thousands soon.

But I didn't do it alone. I had sounding boards.

I would've given up

(See why I didn't)

The Benefits of the IdeaKit

Beyond having access to our private group

You will also get:

The IdeaKit Workbook

Calls with Jeremy

What you get


You can cancel anytime

Gain access to our invite-only video calls

The IdeaKit Workbook

Discounts on all NBB products and services

Access to our private groups in Slack and Facebook

Support with Jeremy and the NBB team

A guideline to help with fleshing your ideas out

The IdeaKit Workbook

Part 1

How to find and unleash the idea

Part 2

How to develop your idea

Part 3

How to test, validate and execute your idea

Success Stories