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We help you customize our app template. Our code we give you is extensible, meaning you can build on it and use it a solid foundation.

DIY Plan $2,500

This is for the person who wants to learn how to become a tech entrepreneur

Access to our course that helps you tailor the app code to your idea

Access to our follow-on support for additional services and development

LIVE chat support

You will get introductions to our preferred list of developers

Follow-on support for additional costs

Choose from any of our ecommmerce templates on shopify

Choose from any of our ecommmerce templates on shopify

We Do It For You Plan $7,500

This is for the entrepreneur or SMB who is too busy but wants to stay innovative

You still get access to our course that helps you tailor the app code to your idea BUT we do it for you

You give us your top 3 requirements for your app and we design and build

LIVE chat support

Access to our follow-on support for additional services

Choose from any of our ecommmerce templates on shopify

We will get you to a great version 1 of your app solution. Beyond an MVP


What if I don’t need an app and I just want the website?

Great! No worries. We can do that. Just sign up HERE (https://notboringbusiness.com/sign-up) and enter coupon code WEBSITE and it will reduce the price by $3,000.

Can you build complex apps?

You would be surprised at how many complex problems can be solved with simple apps. Most people have simple apps and websites, we simply do not overcharge. We can use the same architecture and foundation, we just plug in simple customized designs to the front-end (what you see) and a few other customizations here and there and BOOM you’ve got your own app. We can build whatever you want, but it will be more $5,000. We can start with your simple version 1 app or website and go from there. Our version 1 is a launchable app and can even be monetized from your launch day, but it won’t be eBay.

What kind of business will this work for?

Literally anything. Here’s a list of over 100 businesses you could start or improve (if you already have a business) with this app. We have specialties in ecommerce, discovery (finding things around you), etc, really whatever.

I bought it, now what?

You will log in. Then you will go to “All courses,” then “START HERE.” Then fill out the “top 3 requirements” form, this will get sent to us. After that build your wireframes and initial design and upload them in the link we send you.

Is this too good to be true ?

We are creating your Version 1.0. We get you started. It’s not just an MVP, it’s more. This gets you up and running, cheaply and quickly. It is definitely a nearly risk-free way to fix your problem and develop traction for your business. In addition, this is a foundation you can continue to build on and grow.

I’m on a payment plan. Can I pay more than my monthly payment 5 months from now?

Yes, absolutely. As a matter of fact, you will get your product even faster because we deliver your product within weeks of receiving the full amount of the product.

I bought the $97/month product. How does it work and do you start working right away?

Yes, we do. We get a notification that alerts the team to start right away. We want to get you your product out as soon as possible. That said, your product will be delivered within a month or so after your last payment is made.

How can you afford to sell an app this cheaply?

It’s not a one-off; we’re selling the same code hundreds of times. Although developers charge hefty rates to build something from scratch, they often use some skeleton code they have laying around as a shortcut. We’re selling you the skeleton code. With a skin. You can change the skin, and we’ll tell you exactly how.

That doesn’t mean that your website and apps will be cookie cutter in any way. There’s low cost templates out there for that. We’re leveraging powerful and adaptable code that we built for $60,000. You get the benefits of our upfront investment.

Why shouldn’t I just give an agency my idea? They’ll work for equity.

Here’s the deal: they could just take your idea, build it, and then cut you out. Or they could tell you they’ll build it for $10,000 and equity… but the site doesn’t work properly and the app doesn’t get made. Then they say they need $5000 more to fix the site. Then you’ve paid $15,000 and you STILL won’t have an app.

How much work does it take?

It takes work. Welcome to being an entrepreneur.Business in a Box will make your life easier. We streamline the development process and accelerate your launch. Our goal is to save you from losing 6-12 months of your life and tens of thousands of dollars getting an MVP launched.

We don’t want a piece of your pie. We want to help people realize their dreams.

Do you offer refunds on amounts paid?

Unfortunately not. But, we are committed to helping with any issues you may have with our product. We give you access to materials that are downloadable and usable right away. At the same time, we expect you to know what you are purchasing and why.

What are the deliverables you promise?

We give you access to course and materials right away and get you to your Minimum Viable Product (or version 1) shortly after. We do not promise any results thereafter. After we start designing we do not allow any changes. In some cases, we may allow you to have one round of revisions during the design phase. But, unless follow-on purchases are made (after the initial release) we do not promise any services or technologic or design fixes or any additions at all. We define an “MVP” as 2-3 functions and launched in one of the app stores or launched website. It’s to give you a buildable foundation that serves your core function to test in the market.

Why should I get this from Not Boring Business instead of hiring a developer?

You can hire a developer to build your business from scratch. It’ll cost you though: time and money. That time and money could be better spent.

Instead of paying $25,000 and waiting six to nine months to launch your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), you could launch within weeks for $7,500. You save tens of thousands of dollars and months of your life.If you want more features than we provide, you’ll will need to hire a developer. However, you’ll only need their help tweaking the product, not developing it from scratch. That saves you a LOT of money.

Still have questions? Chat with us in the lower right-hand corner or email support@notboringbusiness.com.