Z (not used draft) Business in a Box2

Not Boring Business.
In a Box.

Itʼs not just a 10-week self-paced course. Itʼs not just a product.
Itʼs an entire tech business in a box. And the best part is that anyone can do it. Sign up and you can be shown a path to revenue starting tomorrow. You don’t even need an idea. We’ll help you find one to build a business around.

“I hated the idea of selling just a course, but combining it with a $60k product I built adds real, tangible value to people that they can use to make revenue day 1.”

Want to start your own business?

Like an actual business, not one of those get rich quick schemes.

This is a tech business in a box! With educational content to help you launch!

Here are the goods we deliver to you:

iOS app

Android app


on 1 mentorship

What you can do with this:

Add this piece of tech to your existing business

Build a new business around the app and website

Apply the things learned in the course to your current idea
and use the tech we give you to compliment anything you have

I’ve built an incredibly flexible product that’s easily tailored to meet your needs. If it’s finding things around you, connecting with people or an audience, collecting data, or finding sponsorships. The possibilities are endless. And Iʼll show you exactly how flexible.

Jeremy Redman

The Course

We guide you through a course that will teach you how to launch, operate and grow your business!


Unit 1: Setting up your website and project management

Unit 2: Customer development and creating your launching pad

Unit 3: Build your brand and story driven mindset

Unit 4: UI/UX design basics and how to tailor it to fit your story

Unit 5: Automation and outsourcing what you canʼt do

Unit 6: Driving traffic to your site, app and message (aka marketing)

Unit 7: Filling the top of your sales funnel

Unit 8: Best practices, best tools when building and hiring

Unit 9: Legalities, accounting and the boring BUT essential stuff

Unit 10: The power of ONE and the motivation you need

The Math

What are the costs?

$5,000 for the whole enchilada*

How much do you think an app costs to make? $50,000? $100,000? More? Yes.
Depending on what you want and who you hire, it does

One of the hardest parts of entrepreneurship is coming up with a GREAT business idea. If I had been presented this opportunity 3 years ago, I would have jumped at this chance! And I would have gladly paid $5k for a ready-made business! Which is why I priced it that way.

also Jeremy Redman

Refer a friend and you both get $1000 off!
(That's $4000 each, just FYI)

I want to empower people to start their own businesses!
You can do this! You can launch today!

You don’t need $100k. You definitely don’t need investors (vulture capital).
You just need the drive to build and the willingness to learn.

Don’t put your dreams off any longer! Sign up today!

Jeremy Redman, too

So, what would be a reason you wouldnʼt do it?

Can’t afford to do $5000 at once?
That’s ok. We have financing options!

Don’t let that be the excuse that keeps you from achieving your dreams in 2018 and beyond!

This product changed the way I do business, which ultimately changed my life. I couldn’t have the Jammer app without the Not Boring Business in a Box. The app can be tailored to meet any and all of your entrepreneurial needs.

Brett McGinn, Jammer

*enchilada = all the goods (see above)