Why Every Small and Midsize Business Needs an App

Apps are an incredibly valuable tool They have been for a very long time. The problem for small and midsize business (SMB) owners was the price of developing an app for their business. SMBs knew that having an app would help, but was it worth $50,000? Probably not. Would it be worth $5,000? Yes. Absolutely. […]

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What the Not Boring MVP is NOT

The Not Boring Business in a Box (or the Not Boring MVP) is not a scam. The product is not watered-down, bad code, a ripoff or fake. It’s not meant to lure wantrepreneurs. It’s meant to help them get their ideas off the ground at little to no downside. It’s not a watered-down product. I’ve […]

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The Pitfalls Of Getting Your Own Website And App

When starting your own company, there will come a point when you need outside help. Most likely that will be when your technological knowledge has reached its limit. Most entrepreneurs turn to development firms – or dev firms for short – to help them with their tech. The problem is that these big firms make […]

| April 25, 2018 | 0

You Can’t Turn Off Entrepreneurship

This post was originally published in Entrepreneur Magazine We hear it all the time. The grinder, the hustler, the go-getter. That person who never quite pipes down about what they are doing and where they are doing it. “Why must you sell the waiter on downloading your product?” “There’s always an ‘ask’ with you, isn’t […]

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